If Kylie Jenner & Lucy Hale Had A Child, It Would Look Exactly Like This Girl

Getty Images

There are plenty of celebrity look-alikes out there, but if looking like one celebrity is cool, then looking like a combination of two stars is mind-boggling.

Apparently such a doppelganger exists, and she looks like reality star Kylie Jenner and Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale somehow morphed into one. Even Lucy herself had to share a meme that was going around, captioning the pic, “WHAT. Is this a real person or morphing?”


To answer your question, Lucy, she’s totally real.

Her name is Kelsey Calemine, and her killer style has earned her over 318,000 followers on Instagram. It just so happens that she has Kylie’s enviable eyebrows and affinity for dyeing her hair the colors of the rainbow while she shares Lucy’s smile and cheekbones. In some photos she looks like she’s Kylie herself while others require a serious double take to make sure it’s not Lucy.

Are you getting strong Kylie Jenner vibes or are you trying to convince yourself it’s not just Lucy Hale with a wig on? Check out photos of Kelsey Calemine below.

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