Did Prince Die Of AIDS? Fans Speculate On Singer’s Cause Of Death

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Today is a very sad day. Legendary singer and performer Prince was found dead at the age of 57.

Of course, everyone wants to know the cause of death, which hasn’t been confirmed although it’s been known that the singer had been battling the flu for a couple of weeks.

Did Prince have AIDS? That may explain why a common illness like the flu had such tragic consequences. We don’t know, but last week BlindGossip posted a blind item about a well known African American celebrity.

The post reads,

We just received word that a VERY popular African American celebrity – who has recently been in the news – now has what is being described as AIDS. Obviously since we are not able to 100% confirm the story – we’re going to leave it as a Blind Item. We want to make it clear we are NOT talking about Magic Johnson.

This report really hurt our heart.

According to a person extremely close to the situation, the celebrity, who is known for having a very extreme sexual past reportedly contracted the illness sometime in the 1990s. He kept the illness quiet but began taking his medication religiously up until about 2 years ago. Here’s what we’re told by a VERY trusted entertainment insider:

[The celebrity] believed that he was cured, and he had some crazy [religious] people who told him that God cured him. So he stopped taking his medication and the sickness came back. Now doctors say he’s dying, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

We’re told that the celebrity is expected to get sicker and sicker, and eventually pass. It can happen as soon as the summer.

Very sad news.

BlindGossip isn’t a completely reliable source, but they’ve been right before.

Fans have also speculated on this possibility of Prince having HIV/AIDS.

Here's my wild, personally-held belief that I have absolutely no idea is true but it feels true: Prince died of AIDS. Probably.

— Laurie Brunner (@Twizznit) April 21, 2016

Hospitalized with the flu, dies a week later. Did Prince die of AIDS related complications?

— Murr Kiery El (@MurrKieryEl) April 21, 2016


ain't nobody dyin from just havin the flu, prince had aids.

— fishscale lyssa (@_damnhoe) April 21, 2016

Okay so prince died from the flu at 57. AiDS or what? hep c or what?

— Future Dead Guy (@brycle) April 21, 2016

No matter the cause of his death, the loss of an amazing talent is tragic and felt worldwide.

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