Say Goodbye To This Popular Item From Victoria’s Secret

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Victoria’s Secret may be known for their bombshell bras, five for $27 panty deals, and lingerie, but we can’t forget about swimwear. I remember looking through the catalogs when they came in the mail each spring – I’m pretty sure I first convinced by mom to let me go in Victoria’s Secret at the mall so I could look at the bikinis (that I couldn’t afford). However, we can now say goodbye to those catalogs…and all VS swimwear from bikinis to cover ups. According to BuzzFeed News, Victoria’s Secret will stop selling swimwear after this season.

Despite airing a “swim special” similar to their famous annual fashion show the past two years on CBS, parent company L Brands said early last year swimwear only accounted for 6.5% of sales at VS (which still translates to $500 million – not too shabby). This past summer, bathing suit sales were even more disappointing.

Tragic, I know. But where the Victoria’s Secret goddesses take, they also give.

Store space and focus on swimwear will now go towards VS Sport, the brand’s activewear line.

RIP, Victoria’s Secret Swimwear. We’ll never forget. (Now, stock up while you still can!)

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