15 Weird Fun Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s just cut to the chase: there’s no arguing that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous men in Hollywood. Men wish for his womanizing abilities and women want to date him – yet the actor remains somehow unmarried, even at age 41!

Regardless, even if you think you’re not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, you’re a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. Love for this man is not restricted to any age or gender. The man is a heartthrob – and when you’re a heartthrob, your fans are voracious fact finders. No private detail is too private (unfortunate for him, amazing for us).

There are some facts that even the most passionate Leonardo DiCaprio fans might not know. Lucky for you, I have scoured the Internet looking for strange facts about the actor for your reading pleasure. Not surprisingly, it turns out that being a fervent activist for the environment and a talented actor to boot will lead you into interesting business ventures and in precarious situations around the globe.

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