Gigi Hadid Spent Her Birthday Weekend Third Wheeling Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

gigi hadid

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid is finally 21 years old! However, she didn’t spend the weekend getting sloppy in some college bar to celebrate like a normal 21-year-old kid. The model actually spent her birthday third wheeling Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris at Coachella.

On Snapchat, Gigi shared a video of herself sharing the backseat of a car with the duo on their¬†‚Äúromantic date.”

Taylor with Gigi Hadid and Calvin going to see Calvin's set at Coachella. (Via Gigi's snapchat)

— Taylor Swift Updates (@TSwiftPR) April 25, 2016

See? Even A-list celebs have to play the third wheel occasionally. But it’s not a bad deal when you’re hanging with Taylor Swift and delicious cake.

And don’t worry – Zayn didn’t forget about his girl’s big day. Zayn and Gigi, along with both their families, spent Saturday (which was Gigi’s actual b-day) on a beach. Pretty chill, but I guess when you can already get into every club in the world, turning 21 is NBD.

Check out the photos below.

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