Kate Hudson Celebrated Her Birthday With A Hot Mess Wedding Party

kate hudson


Kate Hudson never attended college, but she’s certainly making up for it with her killer themed birthday parties every year. You’d think she was a total sorority girl after you hear the theme for her birthday party over the weekend: Hot Mess Wedding.

Friends gathered to celebrate Kate turning 37 years young along with fellow April babies jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and author Derek Blasberg. While the annual “Hot Mess” theme was in full swing, this year there was a wedding twist. Kate wore a veil, crop top, and tutu, all in white of course.

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, stylist Rachel Zoe, actress, Sara Foster, and performer Erin Foster were all in attendance, dressing like girls gone wild getting hitched and sipping out of Solo cups like the classy ladies they are.

My invite must have gotten lost in the mail, but at least the party was well documented via Snapchat and Instagram, only furthering my suspicions that Kate Hudson really is a sorority girl two decades late. Check out the birthday bash here.

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