Prince: Top 15 Best Style & Fashion Moments

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The term “style icon” is not one of those things that can be loosely applied – you must earn the title. So what exactly qualifies you to be a style icon? In my opinion, a style icon must have the perfect mixture of power, talent, inner beauty, and a sort of reckless spirit willing to get into some trouble – and who has filled these shoes better than Prince?!  Since the late ’70s, he has paved the way for other entertainers like Beyoncé and Janelle Monae who continually push those boundaries between human and space alien.

The world seemed to stand still when the news of his passing surfaced – many musicians and friends paid homage to a man that surely changed the lives of millions. For decades, Prince has been a symbol of sex and style. His ability to deliver a message of equal parts sex and wit is almost unparalleled in the music industry. His enduring style is further proof that there will never be another like him.

Prince did not adhere to any set of fashion rules and he was unafraid of switching his style up from time to time. He could wear heels on a Monday morning and then put on his tuxedo later that night. The popularity of gender fluidity in fashion can partly be credited to Prince because of the way he blurred the lines between what was traditionally worn by men and women – and wearing it all. His plunging and feminine silhouettes defined the ’80s just as his music did.

Style goes deeper than clothes, and no one understood this more than Prince. Let’s take a look at some of his best style moments. Rest in peace, style icon.


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