Did Sami Miro Cheat On Zac Efron At Coachella And Cause Their Breakup?

sami miro cheated zac efron

Sami Miro/Instagram

Zac Efron and Sami Miro’s relationship is over, but no reason has been given as to why. But after Zac deleted all photos of Sami from his Instagram page and unfollowed her on Twitter, there’s some speculation that Sami cheated on Zac.

I know what you’re thinking – why would anyone cheat on ZAC EFRON? That’s literally what everyone on Twitter wants to know too.

If the rumors are true…what idiot would cheat on Zac Efron. Hello. Look at him. pic.twitter.com/O1gMko9wRh

— Jordan Clark🌞🌴 (@Joclark16) April 25, 2016

How could anyone cheat on Zac Efron🙄

— Shannon LeDoux (@_shannonxtaylor) April 25, 2016


To that, I have no answer.

Zac and Sami seemed happy as clams at the MTV Movie Awards just a few weeks ago, but the model attended Coachella without Zac in sight. Of course attending an event without your boyfriend is by no means odd, but it has fans wondering if the music fest led to some unfaithful fun.

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Coachella day 2 with @dontcryofficial

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The strongest evidence is that Zac virtually erased every trace of Sami from his social media except one photo of a gift she gave him about six months ago. He’s either super immature or super upset with her.

Still, it’s hard to believe that someone would cheat on Zac, but if someone can cheat on Beyonce, then no one is safe.

While some are mourning the couple of nearly two years, other fans are rooting for Zac and former flame Vanessa Hudgens to get back together. (Don’t hold your breath, Zanessa shippers.)

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