18 Celebrities Who You’ve Been Calling By Their Middle Names And Never Knew It

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We’ve all had a time when we found out that what we’ve been calling a person for years isn’t their real name. I played basketball with a girl that everyone called Allie for years. Turns out her name was really Alexandra and literally everyone outside the basketball team called her Alex. She didn’t mind or anything, but I couldn’t believe that I’d been calling someone by the wrong thing for years.

Turns out a lot of celebrities are about to give you that weird feeling.

There are an alarming amount of stars in Hollywood who are opting to go by their middle names. For some, it’s just what they’ve always been called by their families and friends. For others, they started going by a different moniker when they went into show biz. Whatever the reason, you’re going to have a really hard time picturing Rihanna as a “Robyn” growing up.

So which celebs have deceived you for decades? Check the list here.

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