Milo Ventimiglia Spills His Rules For Contacting A Girl After The First Date & What His Tinder Bio Would Read

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Milo Ventimiglia had been stuck doing interviews in a hotel room in New York City for almost three hours straight when he sat down with College Candy to talk about Relationship Status, the new show he’s producing and starring in about dating in the age of Tinder and Twitter. Nonetheless, the Gilmore Girls and Heroes actor seemed more than happy to squeeze one more in, looking fresh and talking enthusiastically about his own dating rules and his character on the show.

Since the show is about the already complicated world of dating and the growing complications thanks to our social media presence and apps like Tinder and Bumble, I took the opportunity to find out if Milo had a personal code when it came to his own relationships. Turns out, Milo’s a pretty open book.

“I don’t think I have ever had any personal rules,” Milo tells College Candy. “I was always very transparent. If I like you, I let you know. If you’re weirded out by that, then okay, I guess this doesn’t work…If you like someone, be honest. Let them know you like them.”

When it comes to dating apps, however, Milo would be much less “transparent” – in fact, his profile would be quite mysterious. I asked him what his one-line Tinder bio that summed him up would read, and his answer was the total opposite of his dating guidelines.

Milo said, “I feel a bit like a schizophrenic as an actor playing so many different parts that I would probably tag that and be like, ‘Maybe you’re not who I think I am.'”

He admitted that sounded a bit “messed up,” but it’s much better than real bios that read, “Just looking for a good time” (IMO at least).

Meanwhile, Jack, the gay bartender Milo plays in Relationship Status, would get all the guys. Although his character is very different from his real-life self, Milo says he got into character the same way he does with any of his roles.

“The words on the page usually dictate how many character, or whatever character I’m playing, how they move, how they talk, how they relate to people, the eye contact or the sheepish nature – it’s all about the page,” Milo says.

“For me, Jack was a very fun, very confident, shoulders back, head up gay man in New York who was trying to create an environment of fun and excitement for everybody that was around him. He wanted people to be inspired by life, and just that energy and that fire that he had was something that I just grabbed onto as a character trait. He was always there positively.”

As for Jack’s Tinder bio? According to Milo, it would simply read, “The most fun you’ll ever have.”

Can’t wait to see Jess in the Gilmore Girls reboot? Check out Milo in Relationship Status streaming on the go90 app starting Friday, April 29.

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