Prince’s Death Investigation Has Taken A Tragic Turn

New details have emerged as investigators look deeper into Prince’s tragic death at the age of 57.

Two days ago, investigators told the media that they are focusing on the role that painkillers might have played in the musician’s death. This report came quickly after a TMZ report claimed that Prince’s emergency landing days before his death was caused by a drug overdose.

Today, the county sheriff investigating Prince’s death has asked the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for help due to prescription painkillers being discovered in Prince’s possession when he died.

According to NBC News, the DEA’s role “will be to determine such things as where the medications came from and what prescriptions Prince had obtained. DEA agents often check those records in death investigations.”

Although an autopsy was conducted last week, the medical examiner said it will take weeks for the cause of death to be confirmed. Officials have not yet said what role the painkillers have played in Prince’s collapse in his Minneapolis house.

Michael Padden, an attorney for Prince’s siblings, told the Star Tribune that Prince had “substantial” problems with the opioid painkiller, Percocet, and cocaine for at least a decade.

Prince’s death has left the music world devastated. Many artists and celebrities took to social media to express their grief over music’s immense loss after Prince’s death.

The past week has been filled with innumerous musical tributes to the late musician, such as this powerful performance by D’Angelo on The Tonight Show. You can watch it below via YouTube.

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