Has Lace From ‘The Bachelor’ Found Love Outside Of The Reality Show?

Lace Morris/Instagram

Lace Morris is easily tied with Olivia Caridi for craziest contestant on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. Easily – although Leah’s unexpected outburst almost made us forget about good old Lace. However, her post-departure appearances on Bachelor Live and After The Final Rose kind of proved that she’s not half the looney we suspected her of being. Nonetheless, host Chris Harrison wasted no time in asking Lace to appear on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer to cause some drama.

Just one problem (for ABC at least) – Lace may have found love already without the help of a second appearance on reality TV.

In recent weeks, Lace has posted two photos on Instagram featuring a handsome fellow by the name of Bobby Barczyk. Given that she’s called him both “this babe” and “the boy,” it seems like these two could be an item.



Very happy for you, Lace…but what about Bachelor in Paradise?! You can’t just let Chris Harrison down like that, girl.

Last year, BiP filmed during the month of June, so we can assume that season three will have a similar schedule. But if this is the real deal, Lace may not be hitting the beach with fellow ex-contestants, which is really a loss for all of us loyal viewers.

But hey, anything is possible. Ashley S., Chris Harrison’s other go-to ask for Bachelor in Paradise, is now engaged with a baby! There really is someone out there for everyone.

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