Prince Harry Recruited Granny (AKA Queen Elizabeth) To Help Win His Twitter War With The Obamas

Celebrity Twitter feuds are nothing new. In fact, there’s so commonly a spat between stars that they’ve gotten to be straight annoying. But when Michelle and Barack Obama decided to tweet at Prince Harry about the Invictus Games, a sporting competition for wounded, injured, and sick military personnel that Harry started, it turned into the greatest Twitter exchange of all time. The next event starts May 8 in Orlando, and the POTUS and FLOTUS are starting the trash talking early.

Prince Harry wasn’t going to take that. He was quick to respond.

It didn’t take long to post an awesome comeback…featuring granny AKA Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Now that’s what you call a mic drop. Thanks, Granny!

Your move, Obamas.

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