Colorado Woman Who Cut Baby From Pregnant Woman’s Womb Has Been Sentenced To 100 Years In Prison

A Colorado woman who was convicted of slicing open another woman and stealing her unborn child was sentenced to 100 years in prison on Friday, according to CNN.

Dynel Lane was found guilty in February, nearly a year after her March 12 attack on Michelle Wilkins, a seven month pregnant woman who responded to a Craigslist advertisement posted by Lane, who was offering free maternity and baby clothes.

Upon arriving to Lane’s home, Wilkins was choked and stabbed until she was no longer conscious. Lane then cut the baby girl – who Wilkins planned on naming Aurora – from the womb. Prosecutors claimed that Lane, a former nurses’ aid, had spent the last year falsifying a pregnancy.

Wilkins learned that her baby did not survive one day after receiving surgery to treat her wounds.

“You knowingly left me to die multiple times,” Wilkins reportedly said in court on Friday in part of her victim impact statement. “The only tears you shed during the trial were those of self-pity, to the sound of your own voice as your lies were slowly revealed. Yet even now you cannot come clean about what actually occurred.”

“You embrace your narcissistic fantasy to fulfill the lie you created and it was more important than my right to live and Aurora’s right to live.”

Wilkins, upon concluding her victim impact statement, supported the idea that Lane should receive the maximum penalty as she believes that Lane has “lost the privilege to live in our society.”

Following the incident, Lane carried the baby from the basement where Wilkins laid unconscious just as her partner was arriving home. Lane told him that Wilkins had suffered a miscarriage. However, upon arriving to the hospital, Lane was met by police.

Lane admitted to the officers that she cut out the baby, but she said that she had done so out of self-defense after Wilkins attacked her. She also reportedly said that she believed that she had killed Wilkins during their altercation and cut out the baby in an attempt to save it, CNN reported.

Lane declined to speak at the sentencing hearing, but the court did hear from her mother who said that her daughter was still suffering the side effects of losing her young son in a drowning accident. She was allegedly desperate to have another child.

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