15 Weird Fun Facts About Ryan Gosling

I think the most devastating thing I learned about Ryan Gosling as of late was that he never actually said “Hey, Girl,” like, ever. Now I’m left with the ever-burning question of how that infamous “Hey, Girl” meme came to be. But, that’s enough about me; you’re here for Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling is every girl and guy’s celebrity crush whether they’re aware of it or not. Even if The Notebook isn’t your kind of movie, it’s one of your favorites – but only because Gosling does such a phenomenal job (and looks equally as hot) in the film. Who cares about the plot!

Given his heartthrob status, you might think that he enjoys the limelight, but you would be incredibly wrong. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, Gosling likes to keep things quiet and private. With that in mind, it goes unsaid that learning things about the actor is a little more difficult than say, the Kardashians.

I know, I know. It’s shocking. But regardless, we have located information about the actor and we’re going to spread the knowledge wealth with you.

You’re welcome.

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