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Met Gala Dresses: Top 17 Best Dresses of All Time


met gala best dressed

In the olden days, getting ready for the ball is a serious affair. Aristocrats and nobility lavish great time and expense to have the right couturier come into their mansions/palaces/castles to make the right outfit for the right ball. Every ball is themed. Every dress is different. Sometimes they begin planning what they are going to wear as early as eight months in advance. And after the ball, instead of a thank you card, a particularly thoughtful guest would commission an artist to paint portraits of all the guests in their extravagant costumes, and have the book – bound in velvet – sent to the host as a thank you gift.

Nowadays, instead of aristocrats, we have celebrities. Instead of painters, we have photographers. But the idea of the ball hasn’t changed. “The thought of a ball awakens the joyful part of our imagination.” Like the duchesses of the past, our MET Gala pop stars leave no detail spared in the quest for perfection. Take Rihanna‘s 2015 MET Gala dress for example, her imperial yellow, fur-trimmed cape took two years to make by hand.

Over the years, the MET ball has seen countless designs at their height of glamour. Let’s take a look at 17 of the MET Gala’s best dresses of all time.

Tune in tonight to see the MET Gala festivities. Find out the best way to watch here.

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