This 10-Year-Old Kid Has More Money In The Bank Than You, Thanks To Instagram

A 10-year-old genius named Joni just scored some major cash thanks to a bug in the Instagram app that let him create a code to delete whatever comment he wanted. Eeek, that could’ve caused some major headaches.

Yet being the good soul that he is, the Finnish boy alerted Instagram of the security breach, and in return, received $10,000 from Facebook- which owns Instagram. The “bug bounty” program is a legit program and was created for people who find bugs in the network’s programming and are thus rewarded in cash.

Damn, too bad I wasn’t smarter.

Since the program began in 2011, they’ve paid upwards of $4.3 million to more than 800 people. 😱

So what exactly is Joni going to buy with all this dough? A football and a new bicycle. Sigh, must be nice to be young and have no responsibilities.

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