Wasted Sorority Girl Had The Drunk Munchies So Badly, She Stole A Food Truck

Everyone does dumb things when they’re drunk- hookup with a guy they just met, go skinny dipping, eat seven slices of pizza…and cheese fries….and wings. Yet not many people get to the level of Monique Vanderhulst.

The 19-year-old Bowling Green State University (BGSU) student and Alpha Phi was arrested after getting hammered and stealing a food truck. She now faces charges of felony receiving stolen property, OVI/refusal, falsification, underage under the influence, and prohibited acts following the incident. Whoops.

According to police, the truck belonged to All Occasions Catering and had been taken from East Court Street, where it was left running while the owner was inside of a nearby building. The truck had reportedly been seen striking another vehicle, running over curbs, and losing contents.

She then told police that she didn’t know the vehicle was a truck and that she thought it was her car. They could easily be confused, obviously.

Regardless, she did admit she had been drinking all day and was possession of a fake Illinois ID, which said she was 21. Unfortunately, things got worse for her when she refused a breathalyzer test; she was dragged off to jail.

Way to go, Monique. Your parents must be so proud.

[Via Sentinel Tribune]

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