Meet Lasse Matberg, A Norwegian Naval Liutenant/Real-Life Thor

Lasse Matberg/Instagram

Step aside, Chris Hemsworth. There’s a new real-life Thor taking center stage in our fantasies.

Meet Lasse Matberg, a 30-year-old Norwegian Naval Liutenant who has gained 175,000 followers on Instagram for his amazing flow and muscles that just make you imagine him carrying you off to bed (or wherever you like to get down, I’m not here to limit your fantasies). Similarly to fellow lumbersexual hotties, Lasse looks like he could chop some wood then recommend a great leave-in conditioner. Oh, and he’s 6’6″ so wear the highest heels you own freely. What more could a girl ask for?

I know what you want – photos. And I’m not going to keep you waiting. Behold, the modern day Viking called Lasse Matberg.

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