Harry Styles Cut His Hair And Directioners Literally Can’t Deal

Getty Images

If you’re a worshipper of Harry Styles‘ long locks, you may not be able to handle the photo he shared on Instagram and Twitter today.



According to the hashtag he used, Harry donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer. No matter how sad you are to see the locks cut, you can’t be mad at the guy for such a great cause.

No photos of his new ‘do have been revealed yet, but Directioners are already losing their minds.



It’s going to be okay, ladies. You’re going to survive this.

Update, 8/10/16

The first photos of short-hair Harry Styles are here. But of course, we don’t get the full glimpse we wanted.

Harry stepped out in London today…donning a hat. We can get a peek of the new do, but it’s still hard to imagine Harry without the Styles. Head over to The Sun for the pics.

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