You Have Zero Excuses To Not Work Out Today After Seeing This Fit 64-Year-Old Grandmother’s Abs

Wendy Ida/Instagram

It’s easy to make excuses for not looking like Hollywood stars. Jennifer Lawrence probably has a trainer that costs thousands of dollars per month and Gwyneth Paltrow has an army of nutritionists preparing her meals every day. Well, guess what – that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape.

Meet Wendy Ida, a 64-year-old grandmother of three who shed 80 lbs. to become a hot fitness inspiration. She didn’t start hitting the gym regularly until she was in her 40s after leaving an abusive relationship.

“I wanted to clear my head and exercise was an escape,” Wendy told Daily Mail. “I didn’t think I would survive the relationship, so when I did, I knew I had to change something.”

After spending an hour or two in the gym each day, Wendy went from 195 lbs. to a slim 127. Now, she gets mistaken for her 41-year-old daughter’s younger sister, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s a beast!

“People say I look like I’m in my early thirties,” she said. “I had someone aged 22 think I was their age.”

Check out photos of Wendy below and get inspired to go for that run today.

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