Chrissy Teigen Posts Snapchat Video Breastfeeding Daughter Luna And People Are Losing Their Sh*t, Because Of Course They Are

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to to the spotlight- or endless controversy. The renowned model is funny AF, but apparently not everyone thinks that. So when the 30-year-old posted a breastfeeding video of her newborn daughter Luna Simone Stephens with hubby John Legend on Snapchat, you know the trolls were going to have a field day.

Here’s the flawless screenshot:

Via Snapchat/ Chrissy Teigen

Via Snapchat/ Chrissy Teigen


For some reason, though, society sucks and despite having boobs flopping in front of your face in advertisements and basically all over the Internet, people lose their sh*t when it comes to breastfeeding pics- which is what they’re made for, people! Just a friendly reminder.

But I digress.

She also posted this hilarious tweet, which people were apparently less than thrilled about.

Okay Mallory, thank you for that. So insightful. Does no one have a sense of humor anymore?! Let the woman live. #IHateEveryone. Can we get that trending? Teigen was also shamed recently for looking so fabulous post baby. Call me crazy, but maybe we should focus a little more on other things like oh, I don’t know, the fact that Donald Trump might be our next President? Let’s get it together, America.

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