WATCH: A Model’s Photo Shoot Goes Hilariously Wrong When Drone Flies Into Her Face

Jess Adams/Instagram

Modeling is a surprisingly dangerous job!

Jess Adams was helping a photographer friend out on a clothing shoot in Malibu over the weekend. She was looking gorg, working that smize, and enjoying the scenery when bam. A drone taking photos slammed into her face.

TMZ has the cringe-inducing video.

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Jess, who is an aspiring model/actress and has appeared on the show Community, blames the mishap on an unfortunate gust of wind.

The aftermath is anything but picture perfect, but it could have been so much worse than a black eye. And luckily, Jess is keeping a positive outlook on the situation using the ever popular hashtag “#greatexcusetoeatpopsicles.”

Who knows – maybe this unlucky situation is actually this beauty’s big break!

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