A Sorority Girl From Kansas Was Held Hostage By Her Tinder Date For Six Days



Just when it seemed like everyone you knew was meeting decent people on Tinder, this news that will make you want to delete the app and stay off your phone forever comes out.

A 20-year-old college student from Lawrence, Kansas started talking to 30-year-old Shane Steven Allen on Tinder. After meeting up in person, the girl agreed to have Allen pick her up to hang out for a second time. Allen picked her up from her sorority house on a Tuesday afternoon. Little did anyone know that she wouldn’t be back until the following Monday covered in bruises.

According to LJ World, Allen took the girl to his trailer after picking her up from the sorority house. The girl did some homework while Allen invited over two male friends and hung out. Things turned bad after the friends left and Allen accused the girl of flirting with one of the visitors. Although she denied the flirting, Allen punched her in the right eye and continued to beat her.

LJ World writes,

After Allen stopped beating her, the woman asked him to take her home, but, according to the affidavit, “Allen stated she could not go home until the swelling around her eyes reduced.”

The woman later told police one of her ankles was so swollen she was unsure whether she could physically leave at the time.

The next morning, Allen again refused to take the woman home, the affidavit says, and later in the day choked her until she passed out.

Over the next six days, Allen continued to beat her and refused to bring her home. He even forced her to Facebook message friends to let them know she was okay.

Finally, the woman was returned to the sorority house on Monday morning, April 18. Her friends noticed her injuries and brought her to Lawrence Memorial Hospital with black eyes, bruises, broken blood vessels in her eyes, and more injuries.

Allen was arrested on April 22. He faces one felony charge of kidnapping and four felony charges of battery, which could land him in prison for 32 years.

This is beyond terrifying. I’m just happy this woman survived – this story easily could have had an even more tragic ending.

If you’re meeting someone from a dating app, be cautious. Always have a friend know exactly where you’re going (which should be somewhere public the first few times you meet) and with who. If things go south, get out of there. Call the police. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe.


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