Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Spotted Searching For A Wedding Venue

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are planning to get married in Australia.

The couple, who split back in 2013 after three years together, have been spotted together looking at wedding venues near the Hemsworth’s family home in Byron Bay. A source to Us Weekly stated that “Miley’s mentioned she’s interested in having a bunch of bouncy houses. Like at a carnival!”

Despite Hemsworth insisting that he is not engaged, Miley Cyrus has been seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger since January of this year.

It was previously claimed that Cyrus wants “everyone to get high” at her wedding – in true Cyrus fashion. A source reported that “everyone knows Miley loves to throw an outrageous party and her wedding won’t be any different…She says her dream would be for everyone to get high together.”

“Her dogs are in the bridal party and Miley is even arranging a hen party at the pet spa together. She’s specifically requested they are on the table plan for the reception, too. They’re having a special menu created for them.”

Cyrus has already enlisted the help of Simon Jacquemus, a French designer, to help create a “series” of wedding dresses for her big day. A source states that “there will be fie outfit changes throughout the day and pink will definitely be a running them.”

Can I get an invite to this wedding? I don’t need a table or to be fed, I just want to observe this because this sounds wild.

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