10 Instagram Accounts Every Runner Should Follow

Runners are a different kind of breed. Whether you prefer sprints, middle distance, or go full out for a marathon, you have probably been called crazy a least once. You feel exhilarated watching races, you get excited when its time to buy new shoes, and let’s not forget the only reason you’re looking forward to the weekend is for your long run.

Summer is inching closer, and soon enough you’ll be awaking up at the crack of dawn to get your run in before the scorching sun beats on you. But inevitably you’ll still manage to get weird tan lines. You’ll be working towards those personal records/bests and what better way to keep your motivation up than by following amazing runners on Instagram.

If you’re anything like me you keep a tab on collegiate and professional runners along with great running organizations. Here are 10 Instagram¬†accounts¬†every runner should follow and check out before heading out for the track or trails.

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