Anna Kendrick Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Anna Worth Right Now?

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Anna Kendrick has come a long way from being the best friend of Bella Swan in Twilight. Kendrick has shown the world she can act with her Oscar nomination for Up In The Air in 2009, and then she let everyone know she was a double threat with her singing in Pitch Perfect. Kendrick has even been the star of a Kate Spade campaign. Her accomplishments are stacking up and people can’t help but wonder, what is her net worth?

Anna Kendrick Net Worth as of 2018: $10 million

$14 million doesn’t just appear overnight. Kendrick has been in the entertainment business for longer than many may think. Here is a run-down on how Kendrick’s earnings got sky high.

2008 – 2011

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Before 2008, Kendrick had made appearances on Broadway and in other films, but it was in 2008 that she landed her first role in a blockbuster: Twilight.   Box office numbers for Twilight came in at $393 million.

Quickly after in 2009, she appeared as a bossy college graduate in Up In the Air. Into 2010 and 2011, Kendrick continued her rise in fame (and cash flow) in The Twilight Saga and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, where she played the little sister of Scott Pilgrim, who is better known as Michael Cera.


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Pitch Perfect was a turning point for Kendrick. Although she had been noticed before, this was when she was really put on the map. Pitch Perfect came out as the second highest-grossing film at $115 million worldwide behind School of Rock (which would later be surpassed by Pitch Perfect 2). After the world saw Kendrick as Beca Mitchell singing “Cups,” her demand was higher than ever before.

Beyond being a part of a box office hit, Kendrick’s rendition of “Cups” was played on radio stations all over the country, and even hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary airplay radio.

2013 – 2015

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Following Pitch Perfect, Kendrick appeared in three films at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2014. However, Kendrick returned from these independent films in a big way, starring as Cinderella in Into the Woods alongside big names such as Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, and Meryl Streep.

It was also in 2014 that Kendrick decided to make a bold career move and become one of the first faces of Kate Spades’ Campaign, #MissAdventure. She starred in a number of short clips being her silly yet classy self, dressed head to toe in Kate Spade.

She then starred as Beca Mitchell again in Pitch Perfect 2, which made even more money than the original PP, coming in around $287.1 million. In addition to all of the revenue from the film, the soundtrack was a whole other success. The Pitch Perfect 2 album was released on August 8, 2015 and debuted #1 on the Billboard 200.

In 2015, Kendrick’s net worth was around $10 million.


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Kendrick recently returned to the Sundance Festival scene alongside The Office favorite, John Krasinski, in the film titled The Hollars.

The Hollars is only one of four films Kendrick is in for 2016. She starred in Get A Job with Miles Teller which was released on March 25, 2016. She will also appear in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates alongside Zac Efron as well as The Accountant with Ben Affleck.

Although, Pitch Perfect 2 just released in 2015, the ball is already rolling for Pitch Perfect 3. And yes, Kendrick has confirmed that Beca Mitchell will be returning as well but at a price…a large price. It is rumored that Kendrick agreed to act in Pitch Perfect 3 for $6 million dollars. It’s safe to say that Kendrick’s net worth isn’t going anywhere but up.


Kendrick has a number of roles for 2017. Her most recent work is Table 18, an American comedy film alongside actors Craig Robinson and June Squibb. She is also confirmed to reprise her role as Beca Mitchell in the final Pitch Perfect movie, Pitch Perfect 3 which is set for release sometime in 2017.


Anna Kendrick was mistaken by Yahoo! as Anna Kournikova and she took it as a hilarious humor without getting mad.

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