Kim Kardashian Celebrates Reaching Her Pre-Baby Weight

Kim Kardashian has been open about gaining 52 pounds during her pregnancy with her second child, Saint West, but she’s back to her pre-baby weight! The reality star shared a photo of her scale reading 135.8 pounds.


Kim K. posted a similar photo a few days before the Met Gala on May 2 when the scale read 139.6 pounds. She was thrilled about her progress, sharing that her goal was to hit 135 again.

So how did Kim get whipped into shape? She used the Atkins 40 diet, where she consumes a 1,800 calorie-a-day diet of proteins, healthy fats, and absolutely no sugar. The diet had her dropping about two pounds per week since giving birth in December.

But don’t worry – that booty is staying.

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