Woman Was Sent Home From Work For Not Wearing High Heels

After showing up to her first day on the job as a receptionist in black flats, Nicola Thorp was sent home without pay for refusing to change into the dress code-sanctioned 2 to 4 inch high heels.

Thorp told the BBC that when she pointed out that a male receptionist was not wearing heels, she was laughed at.

“They said, ‘you’re going to have to go home if you’re not going to wear heels,'” Thorp said. She additionally said that they offered to let her go out and buy a pair of black heels with her own money if she wanted. Thorp “refused on principle.”

“I said, ‘I don’t see why what I’m wearing is going to affect my job in any way. It was a nine hour shift to escort clients from the front desk to meet rooms, I’d be on my feet for nine hours.”

The dress code incident occurred at PwC, a finance company located in London, where Thorp was brought on as a receptionist through an employee outsourcing firm called Portico. According to a post on her Facebook page, this incident happened a few months ago back in December 2015. She has just recently felt the courage to speak out about her brush with everyday sexism in the workplace.


The dress code allegedly belongs to Portico, not PwC. Portico’s managing director, Simon Pratt, said in a statement that Thorp appeared in “inappropriate footwear” that did not comply with the appearance guidelines that she had signed.

“It is common practice within the service sector to have appearance guidelines and Portico operates them across many of our corporate locations. We have taken on board the comments regarding footwear and will be reviewing our guidelines.”

Thorp has since launched an online petition to the U.K. Government and Parliament that urges the government to make it illegal for companies to force female employees to wear high heels at work.

Her case has sprouted a hashtag on Twitter, #MyHeelsMyChoice, where women are offering their own stories of everyday sexism in the workplace as well.

Thorp told BBC that she hopes that by speaking out about being sent home for wearing black flats instead of uncomfortable heels, she can get rid of sexist, outdated dress codes.

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