Travie McCoy Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Travie McCoy Worth Now?

“I wanna be a billionaire soooo freakin’ bad.” Same Travie, same – except you’re on your way there. Travie McCoy, lead vocalist of Gym Class Heroes, has come a long way from rapping with his pops. From tattoo apprentice to going solo, he’s made a name for himself in the music industry. What is his worth after all these years?

Travie McCoy’s Net Worth As Of 2018: $8 million

Here is how he got there…

1997 – 2002

Travie McCoy net worth 2002


In his early teens, Travie, then known as Travis, spent his time working as an apprentice tattooing his friends at a tattoo parlor. The man of many talents also supported himself selling his paintings. He founded Gym Class Heroes with friends he met in gym class and they began performing locally. In 2002, Travie won MTV’s Direct Effect MC Battle and, soon after, the heroes scored a record deal.


Travie McCoy net worth 2009


Gym Class Heroes was signed to Fueled by Ramen and DecayDanceRecords. The boys were touring across the country performing consecutive years at SWSX, Warped Tour, and Bamboozle. They recorded their second and third albums, The Papercut Chronicles and As Cruel as School Children. Some of their most popular hits were, “Cupid’s Chokehold,”Clothes Off!,” and “Taxi Driver.”


Travie McCoy net worth 2014

fuse Studios on May 13, 2010 in New York City.

Travie officially changed his name from Travis after he began his solo career. He refused to confirm rumors of the band breaking up stating he was just working on an outlet for himself. He relocated to Florida to record his own album which he later released, “Lazarus.” Off his album, “Billionaire,” featuring Bruno Mars, hit number four on the US Billboard Hot 100. His music was a mixture of his break-up with Katy Perry and recovering addiction with pharmaceutical drugs. Travie was featured on many songs with artists like Adam Levine, Jason Mraz, and Panic! at the Disco while performing shows in the states and Europe.


Travie McCoy net worth 2016


As of late, Travie released hit single, “Golden,” featuring Sia. Though he isn’t scheduled to make any appearances in the near future, an interview with Entertainment Weekly tells us an album might be coming. According to his IG, the star is spending a lot of his time with friends and family, particularly his adorable niece Farrah. Travie isn’t in the limelight but his net worth of $8 million surely reminds us, again, he’s a man of many talents.


Since the release of “Golden” in 2015, Travie has not released any new songs. In fact, his official site has not been updated with any events or news since April of 2016. There has been little to no talk of an upcoming album since last year, however the singer still updates his IG often enough to let us know he’s still around and loving life.


Travie McCoy was spotted in Manila by a fan; he attended a baptism there.

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