Upsetting New Netflix Study Proves Just How Lazy We All Are

I can’t say I’ve never spent the day binge watching The Office on Netflix (especially when I downed seven whiskey gingers the night before and wake up feeling like I can’t move), but I’ve managed to not let the streaming service control my life. After all, I can’t watch Vanderpump Rules on that thing and I still like to pick up a book every night before I fall asleep. But according to a new study from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, not everyone can turn down a constant binge watching sesh.

In a new study published on Cord Cutting, Hastings found that the average Netflix subscriber spends at least an hour and 40 minutes every day watching the popular steaming service. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s an extended yoga class. But it’s what the study found on top of that stat that is most disturbing: just how lazy we all are.

While the time frame seems relatively small, the study insists that those same people are spending more time watching Netflix than reading, socializing with friends, and exercising — combined.

From Refinery 29,

Cord Cutting is basing this finding on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use survey, though Netflix’s number is based on global subscribers. The survey found that most Americans spend 38 minutes a day “socializing and communicating,” 19 minutes “reading,” and 17 minutes “participating in sports and exercising.”

For the love of God, get off the couch, go outside, and talk to someone. Save the binge watching for rainy days and unbearable hangovers.

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