Hot Dudes And Hummus Is An Instagram Account You Need To Be Following, Like Now

What’s better than hot dudes? Hummus. And what’s better than hummus? Hot dudes. So when you put the two together, it’s (almost) too much too handle.

We’ve had the ~pleasure~ of being introduced to hot dudes reading, hot dudes and wine, hot dudes and kittens, etc. but this one may just trump them all. This is literally what the Internet was made for.

According to JPost, four Israeli students created the account in March actually “to highlight a positive aspect of [Israel], away from the conflict — something which unfortunately is not done enough.” In case you were wondering, I’m totally diggin’ their approach so far.

Feast your eyes on these beefcakes below, and prepare to swoon…and also get really really thirsty hungry.

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