This High Schooler Used Beyonce’s 2015 Met Gala Look as Inspiration For Her Prom Dress & She Totally Slayed

India Ross is 100% flawless.

The St. Louis teen showed up to her senior prom in a dress inspired by Beyonce’s 2015 Met Gala look. The best part? She made the entire thing on her own.

Ross explained on Instagram that she DIYed her own version of the Givenchy Hate Couture gown with materials found at Walmart, EBay, and Michaels. Talk about dedicated.

“Let’s make this clear I do not think I’m Beyoncé but she’s my inspiration,” Ross wrote on her Instagram page. “Just because she has on a #Givenchy dress don’t mean I suppose to have a million dollar dress on. I still look so god damn fine in my Walmart, eBay, Michaels, cheap looking #givenchy dress #islay.”

Hell yeah she slays.

In an interview with US Weekly, Ross explained that the dress cost her $800 to design and was made out of “mesh material with over 2,000 hand-placed crystals.”

Can you imagine making that? Not only does it take serious patience, but it also takes an insane amount of talent. Naturally she’ll be double majoring in Fashion Business and Fashion Merchandising at Columbia College Chicago come Fall.

India Ross, you’re going places. Keep rocking it, girl.