Olivia Munn Dropped 12 Pounds Before Filming ‘X-Men’ With This Diet

When you look at Olivia Munn, you definitely don’t think she has 12 pounds to lose. She didn’t even know it! However, when Olivia changed her diet, she found herself dropping the lbs.

The star of X-Men: Apocalypse told Women’s Health, for which she is the June cover girl, about her new diet routine, which model Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady swear by.

“When I started on X-Men, I had been training and doing regular personal training and trying to eat in a healthy way,” Olivia said. “My intention was to just get as fit and as healthy as I could be, for myself…I started working out every single day, and then I also started getting into eating 20-80, where 80 percent of your diet is fruits and vegetables and 20 percent is whatever. So, that can be any kind of meats or breads or anything else, but mostly fruits and vegetables.”

Well, it’s definitely working for Gisele, Tom, and now Olivia, but my current diet is more like 80 percent straight carbs. I don’t think it’s going to work for me. But can I maybe eat an extra apple instead of a second (or third, who am I kidding) bagel? It’s not impossible…but no promises.