Contour & Highlight: Top 9 Best Countring Tips That Work

Today, no makeup look is complete without a Kardashian-inspired contour and highlight. If you’re unfamiliar with the beauty terms, contouring and highlighting – according to cosmetologists – are a form of shading that give shape to an area of the body by enhancing one’s bone structure. While most only contour and highlight their face, there are endless cosmetic ways to enhance natural beauty by using makeup to add dimension to the body. From sharp cheekbones to killer calves, the possibilities are endless. With a matte sculpting powder and a shimmery shade, you too can be Instagram ready at all the time!

Haven’t mastered this latest beauty trend yet? Here are 9 Pinterest contour and highlight hacks – for your face to your legs – that actually work. Check ’em out by clicking through below.

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