These Girls Make Over $25,000 a Month From Posting Belfies

You know how much easier your life would be if you were an Instagram model? Seriously so much easier. You’d only have to get dressed for the hour you take your Instagram selfies, you’d get free stuff sent to you all of the time, and you’d be making enough money that you’d never have to get a real job. Sounds like a dream. But forNadia and Dana Bruna, 30-year-old twin sisters, it’s a reality. The twins are making more than $25,000 a month from taking belfies.

For. Real.

Originally from Miami, Florida, the two used their surgical enhancements (which cost well over $45,000 total) to their advantage and acquired over one million Instagram followers between them. Their most prized body parts are their butts, which the duo got after transferring three kilograms of fat from other areas on their bodies into their bums.

Measuring in at over a meter in thickness, Nadia and Dana take up to 150 selfies of their butt every day to satisfy their followers. They proclaim that they have “the most famous bottoms on Instagram.”

From The Daily Mail,

‘We’ve had a lot of work offers because of it. We are the selfie queens and we’ve made a successful business out if it.’

…Nadia said: ‘Our bottoms were already fatty. We always had bottom – it was never a difficulty to have bottom, but six months ago we did a fat transfer with a really good doctor in Columbia and it has given us a positively perfect one.

‘We did the fat transfer because we are vain. We are vain women and the more surgery you have the more you want.’

Dana added: ‘We were blessed with having a curvy body because of Latin and Brazilian blood, So it’s easy for us to keep the bottom well-toned.’

So what’s all the fuss about? Take a look:

Yup. So, that’s it! Those things are ginormous. Hopefully they don’t burst any time soon — that kind of money will only last if that butt remains intact.

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