22 Crazy Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From ‘The Bachelor’

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Believe it or not, it’s not all helicopter rides and jacuzzis. Find out what goes on behind-the-scenes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

1. Casting agents have recruited hot guys on the street to be on the show.

“I was working in  downtown Chicago in the financial district,” Brad Seberhagen from Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette said. “I had a desk in the window of a very busy street with lots of foot traffic. A casting director from The Bachelorette happened to walk by outside and saw me. He came into my office and said, ‘Do you want to be on a TV show?’ I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ It all stemmed from there.”

2. The average Bachelor contestant is 25 years old and wears a size 6.

Good to know, right?

3. Contestants have to take an three-day psychological exam before appearing on the show.

Yeah, we’re still wondering how Ashley I. passed too.

4. They even get tested for STDs.

Season 16 winner Courtney Robinson said she had to take an STD test and was even asked if she was on birth control.

5. Some contestants quit their jobs to be on the show.

Ashleigh Hunt revealed, “Many girls quit their jobs to come on the show. Some were not as invested into their job, so it was not a big deal.” Others are able to keep their jobs despite the time off.

6. It takes about seven weeks to film a full season.

So yeah, that’s a lot of vacation time.

7. The women have to buy all of their own dresses for the show.

ABC provides dresses for only the two finalists to wear during the finale. Fashion and television blogger Dana Weiss revealed, “I know that there are women in the past who cashed out their 401(k)s for the show.”

8. And they do their own hair and makeup.

Catherine Giudici-Lowe, who is now married to Bachelor Sean Lowe, said pros are brought in “only on the first day and then the last day when there are two girls left for the engagement. For everything in between, we used our own stuff. Sometimes we did each other’s hair. The Bachelorette gets hair and makeup for every date though.”

9. But there are some perks.

When contestants move into the mansion, they receive a gift bag full of bathing suits, clothing, jewelry, and beauty products.

10. Those limo entrances are planned by producers.

The exact order of the guys or gals coming out is planned as well.

11. Rose ceremonies last all night.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe spilled that the first rose ceremony can last until 7 a.m. while the rest go until 3 or 4 in the morning. “It is absolutely exhausting,” he said. “On TV, what you see is I hand out a rose, the girl comes forward and accepts it, and then I hand out another rose. In reality, there’s about three to five minutes in between each rose because all 15 cameras have to reposition.”

12. And producers make some decisions about who gets a rose.

Producers have a say in who does and does not get a rose. After all, they do need to make it an interesting show and keep around the loonies for a while. Other times, contestants get sent home for breaking the rules – like Rozlyn Papa, who got sent home for her relationship with a staff member during season 14.

13. Oh yeah – producers and contestants hook up on the reg.

Season 16 contestant Jamie Otis spills, “There are more of these producer/contestant relationships than viewers realize—they’re always kept hush-hush.” Jamie even says she walked in on a steamy hook up between a female cast member and a producer!

14. No one eats on the one-on-one dinners.

The sounds would get picked up by the microphones, so the couple actually eats beforehand.

15. The Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t plan any dates.

“[They don’t] even know where or what the date is until either the day before or the morning of the date,” former Bachelorette Desiree Siegfriend shared. “Though they do get to choose who they want to go on which date. In the beginning, producers will suggest guys, but it’s ultimately up to the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”

16. Time at the house is boring.

No phones, no computer, no television. “You can’t leave the mansion or hotel you’re staying at,” Catherine Giudici-Lowe said. “We did each other’s hair because there was nothing else to do.”

17. There’s no gym, so contestants get creative.

“We’d sometimes get 30 minutes of gym time,” Catherine Giudici-Lowe spilled. Instead, the contestants find things around the hotel or house to work out with.

18. It’s someone’s job to be the “tear inducer.”

Job description: make people cry during interviews. Some producers are so good at it that they continue their work on other reality shows!

19. The hometown dates aren’t always at the contestant’s family’s house.

It’s not unusual to film at a wealthier relative’s place instead.

20. The show doesn’t supply supply condoms in the fantasy suite.

Contestant Courtney Robertson told RadarOnline.com, “I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Bachelor baby!”

21. Contestants don’t get paid to be on the show, but the Bachelor or Bachelorette do.

Some say that the leading lady or man gets a handsome amount well over $100,000.

22. It’s a journey, not a process.

Sean Lowe says producers hate the word “process” in regards to the show. “Any time you call it a process, they will make you retape it and say journey.”

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