Kim Kardashian Documents Her Pregnancy Scare On Snapchat, As One Does

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Kim Kardashian has famously announced that she’s done with having kids. After two tricky pregnancies, she has North and Saint, and she’s happy with her family. She even just got back to her pre-pregnancy weight…and then she has a scare.

Instead of quietly having her assistant run out a buy a pregnancy test, Kim K. decided to share peeing on a stick with the entire world via her Snapchat.

If you’re not following Kim on Snapchat because you’d like to keep your soul intact, I completely understand. Therefore, I got the pics for ya.

Kim grabbed three different pregnancy tests and captioned a pic of them “Panic attack” on Snapchat.


Kim ducked into a airplane bathroom to do the deed, but first, let me take a selfie.

She didn’t leave fans hanging – the results were quickly shared with her 11 eager followers.

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. I’m 90% sure a check from ClearBlue is in the mail and college girls will soon be at CVS thinking, “Well, Kim Kardashian used this one and it said negative, so I’ll try that.”

Still, breathe easy today that there won’t be any more additions to the Kardashian Klan anytime soon.

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