Dude Live Tweets Hiding Out in a Girl’s Closet After Her Real Boyfriend Comes Home Unexpectedly

Here’s something people should consider: when you’re trying to pick up a girl, you should find out if she has a boyfriend first. If she does, hit the high road! It’s easier for both of you. If you’re not that type, at least make sure the coast is clear before you head to her house for a long night of Netflix and Chill.

In the case of Miles, an Alabama guy who loves a good Capri Sun, he didn’t realize the girl had a boyfriend until he showed up at her house while he was there. So what’s a guy to do when he’s hanging out with a chick interested in cheating on her boyfriend? Hide in the girl’s closet and live tweet the experience, of course!

Here’s how the saga went down:



What a gracious host! Capri Suns are the bomb. It’s the perfect drink to lock someone in a closet with. Kudos, nameless cheating girl!

Ok, let’s continue with the story:



Can we just stop for a second here? Why are you ravaging her fridge if the coast is clear? Get the f*ck out of there and go get your own Popeyes! WTF is wrong with you Miles?! You’re asking to get caught!

I’m not the only one confused by this twist:


Seriously though, just go.




That was a close call. But obviously Miles wasn’t too worried about the situation considering he stayed an extra hour more than he should have. On the bright side, he got a free dinner. I’d say this was a win-win for everyone involved.


According to Miles, no cheating occurred during this elaborate saga. Which leaves us wondering… does he just really like hanging out in closets?

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