Police Had to Be Called After a Brawl Between Parents Broke Out During Their Kids’ Graduation

Graduation can be stressful. Between having to take an endless amount of photos, concentrate on walking across the stage without falling on your face, and making sure your hair is on-point throughout it all, things can get overwhelming. But parents are the ones who are supposed to keep it together, right? After all, they’re older than you, wiser than you, and more generally well-behaved than you are.

Unfortunately that is not the case for this Georgia high school in East Point. After the students of Tri-Cities High School were forced to move their graduation indoors due to a rain storm, a brawl broke out between several parents who were stuck outside during the ceremony.

“This is ridiculous. This is a once in a lifetime moment, and we can’t see our kids graduate,” parent Wajeedah Price explained to WSB-TV. But instead of finding another way into the school, chaos ensued. When parents found out there wasn’t enough room for all of them inside the auditorium, things got ten times worse.

“It was pushing and shoving, and don’t push me, don’t push, next thing you know, swings, arms, fists,” another parent, Janelle Carter, explained. Apparently there was so much hostility that a police officer had to use a stun gun on one of the men involved in the eventual brawl.

Yikes. Could you imagine that happening on the day of your high school graduation? People really need to get it together — including the school. At least wait for people to get in before the ceremony starts! After years of dealing with crazy parents, administrators should have seen this coming.

Check out the full fight video below.

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