Warning: Your Selfies Are Not As Hot As You Think They Are, According To New Study

When your makeup is done and your hair is on point, sometimes you can’t help but want to document the moment. It happens. Yet for those of you who are serial selfie takers, we have some bad news: You think you’re hotter than you really are.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto looked at 198 college students, 100 of who reported being regular selfie-takers. Each participant was asked to take a selfie and then have someone take a photo of them. The pictures were also rated by 178 members of the public, who were asked to determine how attractive, likable, and narcissistic (lol) they thought the people in the photos were likely to be.

The results are actually kind’ve hilarious.

Both groups rated their attractiveness higher than the independent judgers, but the serial selfie takers were deemed “significantly more narcissistic.” Eeek.

“Selfie-takers generally over-perceived the positive attributes purveyed by their selfies. Here, we found that selfie-takers believed their selfies to look more attractive and likable than photos of them taken by other people. In reality, though, external raters actually perceived the targets’ selfies to look less attractive and less likable than the photos taken by others (as well as more narcissistic).”

TBH, I think we can admit that this has happened to us all. Posting a selfie on social media is stressful. You overthink it, maybe even send it to friends beforehand for approval, etc. But there’s nothing wrong with a little self-confidence. If you think you’re looking hot one day, go ahead and post that selfie. Or three.

[Via The Telegraph]

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