Victoria’s Secret’s Will Stop Selling Swimwear, Apparel and Accessories

This last year hasn’t been great for the world of material goods. The slowdown in shopping has even impacted Victoria’s Secret. According to Fashionista, Victoria’s Secret will be making big changes, especially towards products sold primarily online. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but Victoria’s Secret will no longer sell swimwear, accessories, shoes or apparel — anywhere. Not in-store, not online, not even in your dreams.

Fashionista also stated that once all of the remaining products are sold, all the products online will align nearly identically with what is available in the stores. Victoria’s Secret will also begin to function as three business: Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, PINK and Victoria’s Secret Beauty.

Although this may come a sad surprise, there is a silver lining to this transition. Because Victoria’s Secret is trying to get rid of a lot of inventory, the sales online are crazy. Especially on swimwear, which will possibly be their most missed items. (Make sure to use the promo SWIM40SAVE to get an extra 40%!)

Happy shopping as we say RIP to a huge part of what was Victoria’s Secret.