Women Don’t Actually Need To Have A Period Anymore

Finally, some good news from our scientifically-inclined pals!

According to a recent story by NPR, increasingly more women in their 20s and 30s are choosing birth control options (such as the pill and hormonal IUDs) that make their periods go away.

“In general, I think views are changing really rapidly,” says Elizabeth Micks, a doctor who runs an ob-gyn clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle. “[The] need to have regular periods is not just in our society anymore.”

The period that women have while on the pill is not an actual period, but rather a “fake” one, as Dr. Micks called it while speaking to NPR. She further explained that while on contraception, there is not really a need to have a period at all.

So why bother having a period, well, period?

According to NPR, women have a period while on contraception because one of the inventors of the pill – who was a man – was Catholic and thought that the Pope would support his endeavor if women still had their monthly menstrual cycle.

It’s been known for a while, however, that your monthly period is basically pointless. No evidence has arisen that suggests that nixing your period – even for five to 10 years – would dampen your fertility in the future. Perhaps this means that sometime in the near future, opting in or out of your period will be a real possibility.

As always, only time will tell.

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