Fitness Blogger Anna Victoria Gets Praised on Instagram After Showing Off Her ‘Wedding Body’

Fitness Instagrams can be really depressing. Especially when you’re sitting on your couch eating ice cream and searching through #FitLife in between commercials for The Bachelorette. But Anna Victoria’s page is the complete opposite of depressing, despite photos of her killer abs and perfectly toned legs.

The fitness blogger and health enthusiast is getting a ton of praise on Instagram after posting before and after photos of her wedding body.

The “relaxed” second photo is what caused Instagram to go wild. “Not every angle is your best angle,” she wrote in the above caption. “And that’s ok.”

Literally music to my ears. And hearing that from a gorgeous fitness model is a HUGE pick-me-up. Obviously her Instagram followers agreed.

“This makes me feel better as I put a muffin in my mouth,” stated MegKelley16. MegKelley16, I hear that girl. I’m currently eating a bagel and LOVING this.

“OMG I love you and thank you 😭,” cried Bexxmine. There are actual tears running down my face too.

“Thank god it happens to people like her too!!” exclaimed sheenamanani. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

Can we just all agree that Anna Victoria is awesome and that we need to stop hating on our bodies? They’re amazing! Let’s make the world a better place. WHO’S WITH ME?!