Kate Middleton Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Kate Worth Right Now?

Unlike celebrities who like to flaunt their wealth, the royals like to keep their net worth on the down-low. Just so tax payers don’t feel like the monarchy is squandering their hard-earned money.

Many sources say Kate Middleton’s net worth is valued at $1 million. Which is  hard to believe. Because nowadays you can barely buy a decent apartment in London or New York with that much money. All the traveling, all the designer wardrobe, all the home renovations, all the nannies, how can she possibly afford her lifestyle with a paltry $1 million?

Kate Middleton Net Worth as of 2018: $1 million

That said, part of being a royal means she gets a lot of free stuff. She doesn’t have to pay rent. She doesn’t have to pay mortgage. Much of the couple’s major travel, to Australia and New Zealand, was covered by the countries they visited. How much of her $50k India wardrobe is paid by her, or sponsored by the brand, we’ll never know.

Here’s what we do know:


Kate Middleton’s parents bought her a flat in Chelsea for an estimated $1.25 million. Even though many like to believe she’s a fairy tale princess, Kate was not exactly a pauper before she married Prince William. The Middleton’s have a net worth of $50 million, which her parents made from owning an online party supply business. The business, called Party Pieces, runs from a call-center staffed with 8 people in a barn near Reading in Berkshire. With the cash-pile made from Party Pieces, Kate’s parents managed to put her and her two siblings through some of the best private schools in the UK.

And that was where Kate met William.


As the consort to Prince William, she’s certainly going to be looked after. The new level of wealth is seen from the start with the ring she’s wearing – Diana’s engagement ring – worth a cool $125,000 (£85,700). After that she’s treated to a $30 million wedding. For which, she doesn’t have to foot the bill. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

In terms of living expenses, the young Royals have to thank their Daddy for their spending money. Prince Charles doles out around $4.667 million (£2.965 million) to his offspring and wife each year, according to a recent annual review released by Clarence House.

“The future king, 66, pays for his official life by drawing an income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a massive estate given to the heir to the throne to fund his official and private livelihoods,” reports People magazine. “That income in the year to March 31 was $31.1 million.”


Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also completed a $3.43 million (£4.5 million) renovation of their residence in Kensington Palace, Apartment 1A, which was formerly the home of Princess Margaret.

On top of that, William and Kate are also the proud owners of Anmer Hall. The Queen gifted the couple the Georgian mansion, which boasts 10-bedrooms, a swimming pool and a private tennis court. The market value of the massive estate is inestimable. But several million pounds have been spent on renovating the country home, said to be largely paid for by the royal family from private funds.

She may not have a lot of money under her name, but she certainly isn’t afraid to spend.



2017 spells change for the royal family. With Prince William quitting his job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, both he and Kate are dead set on spending more time in London. According to sources at the Kensington Palace, they say that “The Royal Highnesses are keen to increase their official work on behalf of the Queen and for the charities and causes they support, which will require greater time spent in London.”

There are also circulating rumors that Kate might be expecting a third child, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


Kate Middleton personally praises an Australian mother who battled depression, lost 20 kg and transforming her body in a miraculous way.