Soon You’ll Be Able to Watch an Endless Amount of Disney Movies on Netflix

From binge-watching television shows to watching some of our favorite movies, Netflix seems to be the go-to site when it comes to online streaming. As if we weren’t glued to our computer screens enough, the company has recently made an announcement that will have us using the website even more.

Starting in September Netflix will be the only place to find material from certain companies.  These companies include Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar.

If you’re addicted to Netflix like me, this is great news because now all movies created by these companies will go straight to Netflix after DVD. However, for all the Hulu and Amazon prime lovers out there, you’ll have to get direct memberships with them; Netflix made a deal with the companies to not have their content on their streaming service. Bummer.

But back to the good news — what exactly does it mean? Will the original Star Wars movies and Disney classics such as Cinderella finally be on Netflix? Or will the content only be new releases?

The answer remains unknown but either way, we can’r wait to watch Finding Nemo on a hungover Sunday.