Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Perform Parody Song For Fleet Week

Fleet Week is taking over New York City right now and sailors were given a warm welcome from Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler. For those sadly unaware, Fleet Week is the one time a year the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corp dock in NYC (can you imagine a bunch of hot sailors parading through Manhattan? Because it’s reality right now).

Wednesday night the comedy duo parodied Garth Brook’s song “Friends in Low Places” with their song “Friends on All Bases.” Both Fallon and Sandler wore cowboy hats, strummed guitars and performed in front of a digital American Flag.

Fallon began the song with the opening line “Well I’ll tell you the truth, I love all the troops protecting the land, sea, and air.” Sandler quickly added, “Now your back in town keeping us safe and sound, from that crazy ass Elmo in Times Square.”

The song continued and was full of jokes and sexual innuendos, mainly sung by Sandler. The Tonight Show host sang his thanks to the crowd, but it was Sandler who continued with more jokes. “And when the show’s through just one thing left to do. Go out to the bars and get laid,” he sang.

The two sang the chorus simultaneously recognizing the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and more.”Yeah, it’s Fleet Week and we’re going crazy. Oh, I’ve got friends on all the bases.”

Yeah, it was epic. Check out the full video below.






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