Amber Heard Seeks a Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp Just Days After Their Divorce Was Announced

Just a few days after Amber Heard filed for divorce from her husband Johnny Depp, TMZ reports that the 30-year-old actress is now seeking a restraining order against him.

According to TMZ, Heard came armed with photos showing various bruises she claims Depp inflicted on several different occasions throughout their marriage.

She claims Depp smashed his iPhone on her face.

Amber claims during the alleged attack, Johnny shattered various objects in the apartment. She says she was on the phone with a friend during the fight, and when Johnny grabbed her phone she screamed to her friend, “Call the cops!” The friend called 911 and cops came to the residence.

Amber says when cops arrived Johnny had already fled, so they took a report.

A photo showing a bruise under Heard’s right eye has started to go viral. She also claims to have video featuring one of the attacks.

Heard told police that Depp offered her money to stay quiet. Instead of keeping her mouth shut, she filed for divorce Monday. According to authorities, she did not want to press charges against the famous actor, but instead seeks a temporary restraining order because she is in “immediate danger.”

Sources close to Depp are calling the claim BS due to the fact that she apparently posted Instagram photos after the alleged beating, but no injuries were able to be seen.

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