‘The Hills’ 10 Year Anniversary: The Best Crying Moments From The Show

Ten years ago today I sat in front of my TV and counted down the hours until the MTV premier of The Hills.  If you were like me, you couldn’t wait to see what Lauren Conrad and her friends had been up to since Laguna Beach. After watching LC build a career and new relationships on the show, ten years later I’m still trying to keep up with her every move.

We watched LC and her friends go through happy and hard times, and viewers (especially me) became more and more obsessed with them. Though it seems like just yesterday we were watching Audrina and Justin Bobby get back together for the 100th time, an entire decade has passed — and a lot can happen in that amount of time.

In honor of The Hills and its ten year anniversary, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the show’s top seven best crying moments!

1. Lauren tells Heidi she hates Spencer


There is no way you could forget about Lauren calling Spencer a “sucky person” because let’s face it, he was one. This was one of the many fights these ex best friends had over the infamous Spencer Pratt.  I remember screaming “you go girl” at my TV while watching LC be a good friend.

2.  “Its just hard losing a best friend”


This is a time we definitely felt for LC because losing a best friend is something we have all gone through. On the plus side she gained a new friend through all the tears.

3.  The Lauren & Audrina fight


Though it happened later on in the show, this was a moment where I personally felt like my whole world was ending. In case you forgot, Lauren was struggling with living with her two best friends Audrina and Lo. When her and Audrina spoke about it, let’s just say there were a lot of tears! I remember crying for hours as if I were the one who was having these issues.

4. Spencer being mean to his sister


This family had so much drama but I guess that is what happens when you have Spencer as a brother. This is one of the many times Spencer was mad at Stephanie for being friends with LC. In the words of Spencer “Where is your loyalty to this family?”

5. Audrina crying over Justin Bobby… again!


How many times do you think we saw these two break up and make up? Happy she realized she could finally do better!

6. Heidi’s plastic surgery


After getting more plastic surgery Heidi went to visit her mom and ask her what she thought about her new look. As you probably guessed, her response was not good.

7. Forgive and forget: The end of Lauren and Heidi’s friendship



If your best friend started a rumor that you made a sex tape, I think you would want to end the friendship as well. There was not an episode of this show where two girls weren’t crying to one another.


The amount of crying moments could go on forever but these were just some of our favorites. Happy ten year anniversary to the show that stole our hearts!

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