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ASOS Made Insanely Oversized Jeans & Customers Are Really, Really Confused

ASOS Pants


I love a good ASOS shopping spree. Whenever I hit up the site and shot to my heart’s content, I feel like it’s justified. I literally cannot get their merchandise here at a store and the prices are amazing. Plus it’s quality stuff, especially their jeans. So it’s worth it — or so I like to tell myself. But recent  customers are not feeling the love for the brand’s new Super Skinny Longline Stacker jeans, which come extremely long.

And I’m talking really long. Like longer than peoples’ bodies.

Yeah, it’s insane. But much to buyers’ surprise, the company actually meant to make them this length. According to the product description, the jeans are “cut longer than standard length” and are meant to be pushed up the leg for a “gathered effect.”

ASOS Oversized Jeans


Naturally no one read that part of the product’s writeup and ASOS received a ton of complaints. But in the midst of people complaining for no reason came a few Twitter jokes we’re grateful for:

Read before you buy, people!

[H/T: Mic]

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